Sunday, May 8, 2011

Up for the WEEKLY Challenge?

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day!! Today, I count my many blessings, especially my 7 wonderful gifts from God. I absolutely love being a mom!!

Here is my challenge to all of you again this week. As of this morning we have 502 "LIKES" on our facebook page, but over 4000 people have read and/or visited this blog. I am asking EVERYONE that takes the time to look at this blog to please take up this challenge also. All you need to do is pick up 4 extra items this week and donate to a local food pantry, a shelter, or a family that you know that is in need. If all 502 people on the FB page did that, that is 2510 items being donated; that is double from last week. THANK YOU JESUS!! I have listed several FREE items below, thus meaning it is NOT costing you any money, just your time to go shopping. Just think of the difference we can make. Now if you add all the people who have visited the blog to that number, the total now is 4502, which totals 18,008 items for donations. We cannot do it alone. We all have to join together and do something "small", our 4 items, and the end result is "HUGE", 18,008 to donate. Again, make it one better than that and each of you challenge 5 of your friends to take the challenge on and now the donations increase to 90,040. God can take our donations, bless them, and use it to touch many!! God wants us to bring what we have to HIM. The boy in the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish gave his lunch, as poor as it was, to Jesus. This lunch was as insignificant as it could be and this boy was as insignificant as he could be (just like all of us, ordinary people), but that which was insufficient from the hands of the insignificant BECAME sufficient and significant WHEN placed in the hands of Jesus!! It is not what you bring, BUT to whom you are bringing it to. God can do a lot with a little and sometimes those who have the least are willing to give more, because they recognize that if anything good results, it has to come from God, so bring what you have. God can take it, bless it, and use it to touch many. What makes a gift great in God's service is not the magnitude of the gift, it is into WHOSE HANDS the gift is given. Let's give these gifts and trust God to multiply them and change our communities. . . one life at a time. It is that simple with coupons and Christ. I am so excited to see what God has planned this week for our communities. Anyone up for the challenge?