Thursday, July 7, 2011

I would like to introduce my WONDERFUL FRIEND, Danielle!! She will be doing the $20 Rite-Aid Challenge!

This is the bio of my friend, Danielle (pictured on left and Vanessa is on right ~ she will be introduced next week). We met through our local community outreach and it was all a God thing. He has done amazing things in our lives and knew the PERFECT TIME to put her in my life!! I thank God daily for her friendship. What a mighty God we serve. We both stand in Awe of how God has used coupons to witness to others and glorify him and we frequently say . . . COUPONS? . . . Really? There is no other explanation but GOD!!! Thank you Jesus for my wonderful friend, Danielle!! You will often seen Danielle helping me at my coupon classes! She has definitely been one of my greatest gifts from God!!

Danielle will be taking the $20 Rite-Aid Challenge.


We are going to see how many weeks she can make her $20 last at Rite-Aid while purchasing items. Each week we will upload pictures of the items purchased and a step-by-step breakdown of how she did each transaction. I think this will be a fun way to watch how you can save money all while building your stockpile and donating back to the community. I am challenging her to carry this challenge on for 52 weeks. Anyone think she can do it? I know she can!!

**Hi! I’m Danielle. A little about me: I’m a single, Christian lady who enjoys helping others and LOVES a good deal. I’ve been a shopper since I was very young. Some might call it a gift! When I was growing up, while my friends were doing chores like cleaning the house or taking out the trash, I was put in charge of the grocery shopping. And it wasn’t just to shop, but to also get the best deal. I would spend hours with a calculator in my hand, planning out how to get the best bargains for my family. You might say in a way, God has been preparing me from early on “…for such a time as this!”
I came to know Joni earlier this year through my job at our local community agency. I had just found an amazing deal on backpacks for our school supply giveaway. With such an unbelievable discount (I was able to get 90% off!!) I of course felt the need to tell everyone, including Joni and Jamie who happened to be there at the time. Our friendship took off from there! I absolutely love the way God brings people together to accomplish His call. I truly love Joni’s mission and to see how God has provided for so many. I’m so excited to be involved in this effort and to put forth the skills God has given me to help those who are in need. I have to say at times it reminds me of how Jesus fed the multitudes. Even a little can go a long way and make a very big difference. I encourage everyone to take the challenge to pick up just four items and donate them to your local food pantry, shelter or even someone close to you who is struggling. God has proved that He will always provide and multiply!!!



cathy lynn Allen said...

What a wonderful thing you girls are doing. Danielle, Vanessa & Dottie too... You all are Good hearted people. I wish I still lived in Toledo, I would be right there with you all!

God Bless All Of You!
Cathy L. Allen
(Dottie's sister)

cathy lynn Allen said...

Proud of all you girls!!!
I wish I still lived in Toledo area because I would sooooo be there to help out and learn!

God Bless You All!!!!
Love & Miss you all,
Cathy L. Allen
(Dottie's Sister)