Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, well today is “Manufacturer Monday” ~ WEEK #3. Most manufacturers love to hear from their consumers and are usually more than happy to send out coupons. We will keep track of our progress. If you receive a coupon or sample please share so we can keep track of this. Each Monday I will give you the manufacturer/company’s name and link to contact the manufacturer. All you have to do is send them an e-mail. I just ask that you be honest in any/all comments you give to them. Let’s have fun with this and see what kind of coupons we come up with!!

Today we will contact Frito Lay. Just CLICK HERE to get started! I am keeping an Excel file of the date we first contact them and if/when we receive coupons. I am really excited to get started. So let’s have fun with “Manufacturer Monday!!” My best suggestion is to just state in your e-mail how much you/your family like the product and why or if you have never tried the product how much you would like to try the product. You can come right out and ask the manufacturer for coupons, but when actually requesting coupons, you are less likely to receive them when compared to just sending a nice e-mail. Please make sure your comments are honest that you leave.



Sherry said...

I just sent an email. I didn't ask for any coupons just commented on their products. What a great idea!

DJ Machina said...

Excellent. I actually do love Fritos, and have been meaning to contact them about how awesome their honey bbq twists are, so this was the perfect reason to make it happen. I'll reply when I hear back from them.