Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where I get my baseball card inserts or coupon holders!!

I have had numerous people contact me over the last few days that they have been having a difficult time finding the baseball card sleeves to insert their coupons into at the local stores. Since couponing is becoming so popular more and more people are buying them and they are harder to get at our local stores. The last few times I have gotten mine, I have ORDERED ON AMAZON HERE!! I get them very quickly and they are very high quality. I have been purchasing the 100 for the $15.79. If I order two of them the shipping is FREE!! This is an AWESOME PRICE!!



Regina said...

Hi Joni!
I got a photo album from the thrift store that had pockets to use for my coupons. Currently I'm using post it notes for dividers and so far it is working out well.
I would like to find something to use at the grocery store other than an evelope that I write the store name on.