Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get a customized bobble head for only $29!! This is sooooo COOL!!!

You've been looking for the perfect gift for your friend's birthday, an upcoming engagement, or just because. Well, make sure you're sitting down. The enlightened geniuses at HeadBobble are offering customized and personalized bobble heads (you know, like what you might get at a sporting event).
All you do is submit pictures of your friend (or yourself), and they create a replica bobble head. This deal more than doubles your money towards anything on the site.
Okay this is soooo cool and unique!! A personalized bobble head to look like whomever you want. My 9-year-old son, Isaiah, is going to be soooo excited when he opens this CHRISTmas morning!! This is an AWESOME AND UNIQUE gift for anyone!! Buy yours today:)

Just go HERE to get your customized bobble head. This is my favorite thing I have gotten so far!! I love it!!