Sunday, August 7, 2011


I need 20 people who are willing to meet me at GE either Tues or Wed night (Central Avenue one in Toledo, OH) and $6. I have enough coupons to buy 120 jars of ragu and 240 boxes of hamburger helper but need 20 people. We will roll the catalinas over so everyone will be spending $6 of their own dollars. Two representatives from Sylvania Area Family Services will be there to take all items back to the food bank. Any takers?? The Ragu is $2/5. We will each buy 6 jars (cost $15). I have coupons for $1/2 so everyone will use 3 coupons - TOTAL COST $9, but it will print a $7 OYNO (catalina). The hamburger helper is 10/$10. We will buy 12 boxes, I have $0.75/3. Total cost will be $6, but you will get a $2 OYNO (catalina). I will go first and pay cash. I will give the next person my 9 in Catalinas so 1st person going will pay $6 OOP after catalinas, they then in turn will hand their catalinas over to the next person until all 20 people have gone:) This is such a tangible way of being the hands and feet of Jesus, plus showing others the POWER OF COUPONS!! SAFS would be greatly blessed. Thanks for prayfully cosidering this:) I will give exact time tomorrow after meeting with mgmt at Giant Eagle:)