Monday, August 1, 2011


Be sure to cut out the $1 off ANY Tide from the P&G book.

Walmart Deal Scenario:
Tide travel size 1 load packet -$0.97
-$1 in the P&G coupon booklet (no size restrictions)


sarajeremiahemmamom said...

I see post for trial size and travel size where they come out to be about Free. My question is, is it more economical to purchase this way than using your coupon on a full size "tide" when its on sale?

DJ Machina said...

I've personally wondered this myself. It may be free, but does it save money when you could have doubled that coupon on a sale and for more in a package? My lonely 1 or 2 coupons for free packs doesn't seem like it would pan out as a good deal.

Joni said...

You can evaluate if it is worth it by how muchthe smallest bottle would be, i.e. loads after coupons, multiply what your coupons would cost x amount of loads and that will tell you if it is worth it. Example 32 loads I can get after coupon for $3.99. I can get 32 coupons for $0.08 each so it will cost me $2.56 for coupons so the trial size for me is better to get and saves me $1.43. Hope that helps:)

couponmom0609 said...

You can also use the $2 off coupons and which are for Tide or Gain... and make a $1 back:) I took a coupon with me the other day and they went through and I was like BONUS!!!!!!!! So I got the 2 packs free and the other $2 was taken off the remainder of my total:) Love Walmart! They have paid me to shop there literally given me cash back and I walked out with a bag of free stuff:)

libbyrae said...

I was at the Walmart in Perryburg today and attempted to purchase the Cascade trial sizes, Tide travel sizes and Degree travel sizes. They all would have given me overages when used with the coupons. However the manager was called over and they told me that they no longer accept coupons on travel or trial sizes, EVEN if it doesn't exclude them on the coupon! I have never had that problem at the Bowling Green Walmart and I told them as much. She said that they are cracking down on that because they don't get reimbursed I guess when used on a travel or trial size. Just beware Perrysburg Walmart shoppers!

Joni said...

That's too bad that you were given inaccurate information. They are reimbursed for all coupons for the FULL amount if you purchase the correct item, which these are!!